Our Product

What is GPS?

A Global Positioning System, also known as GPS, is a system designed to help navigate on the Earth, in the air, and on water.

A GPS receiver shows where it is. It may also show how fast it is moving, which direction it is going, how high it is, and maybe how fast it is going up or down. Many GPS receivers have information about places. GPSs for automobiles have travel data like road maps, hotels, restaurants, and service stations. GPSs for boats contain nautical charts of harbors, marinas, shallow water, rocks, and waterways. Other GPS receivers are made for air navigation, hiking and backpacking, bicycling, or many other activities. The majority are in smartphones.

How can a GPS Tracking system help you in your business?

GPS tracking systems help to address the following needs of Companies:
  • To track and monitor their vehicles in real time. With this it allows the company to know the routes and stops their vehicles make. This information could greatly help management to make decisions that concern efficient use of the company’s vehicles, which could translate to savings in fuel.
  • In case of theft, the vehicle can be tracked in real time.

What does our GPS tracking system have to offer?

  • Our system is web based, which means it may be viewed anytime anywhere that has internet connection by an authorized user whether by computer or mobile device.
  • Our system automatically plots the locations in Google maps rather than just provide coordinates and the user manually plots them.
  • Since our system is web based there is no need to set up a server in the companies base of operations, which also means it costs considerably less than a PC based system.
  • Also companies need not concern themselves over maintenance and updates since there are no PC hardware’s installed in their offices.
  • It can also provide travel histories of each vehicle (this may be worked backed by several months) whenever needed.

How does it Work?

Product Screenshots

Product Requirements

What is needed to set up the system?

To set up the system, it only needs 2 things from the company:

  • A GPS transmitter installed in each vehicle to be monitored. This device plots its location by coordinates with the help of satellites.
  • A SUNCELLULAR plan (Machine to Machine Plan) for each transmitter. This will send the coordinates plotted by the GPS transmitter to the web server which our system then translates it on the Google maps for the user.


  • Mayors Permit
  • Latest DTI
  • Authorized Signatory (2 valid ID)
  • Audited Financial Statements (2 – 3 months latest)

GPS Transmitter

Images of our GPS Transmitter

Product Costing

The cost of the system has 2 parts, namely the cost of the device and the monthly subscription.  They are as follows:

Initial Cash Out

Php8,05000per Vehicle

Monthly Subscription

Php30000per Vehicle/Month
  • SUN Monthly Plan: 150.00 (Machine to Machine Plan)
  • Web Server Monthly Subscription: 150.00 (Monthly web server subscription)

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